Helen from the UK 

"I took my horses to Germany for the month of October for some concentrated training with Nicole Weinauge. She booked me in for a seat lesson with Julica whom she spoke very highly of. I am a Centered Riding Instructor so had experienced a good number of bodywork lessons before.

My first lesson with Julica was a real eye opener. She has a way of teaching that guides you to discover what is going wrong for yourself, which means that the learning really sticks. In just one session I was on and off my horse around a half dozen times using various pieces of equipment to show me what I unconsciously do on a horse.

We covered a vast range of exercises in that time focussing on discovering what and where my body blocks and how to release these, improving my natural balance through challenge and tension release and improving how I harmonise with my horse by taking me out of my habitual riding patterns.

I learnt so much in this time, I was amazingly lucky to have the opportunity to have bodywork lessons in fluent English, with a charming Irish accent thrown in, and would recommend Julica to anyone, whether they are a rider or not. Thanks Julica

Melanie from Canada

Hi Julica,

I had heard good things about your work and, of course, I think the world of Nicole Weinauge who has spoken so highly of you.


After more than 10 years attempting to solve the mysteries of my ultra talented but impossible horse Ritschi, I simply could not have imagined that your alignment coaching would be nothing less than transformational for us in the space of four days.


Ritschi is a different horse mentally, emotionally and physically, I am a different rider and we have a new relationship….a partnership. Can’t wait to see where we go as a result of this shimmering door that you have opened for us.


 ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem to suffice, but thank you, SO MUCH.


With our very best wishes,

Melanie and Ritschi

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